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What we offer?

MatchMe is a digital platform connecting SME companies with Anchor Companies such as MNCs, GLCs, supermarkets and large companies locally and internationally. By choosing to be a member of this platform, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the premium services offered. The services are:


Provide opportunities to establish, promote and market products and services to local and international markets.


Furnish knowledge and share requirements on the various demands on products or services.


Supply selections of relevant anchor companies for business matching sessions.

This user-friendly platform’s main objective is to save time, cost and increase efficiency as compared to the conventional face-to-face session. Also, finding anchor companies’ representative in charge of purchase and acquisition is effortless since the information is readily available in the platform. Besides, with the use of digital applications embedded in the platform, meetings with the company representative may be conducted anytime based on both parties’ availability. More specifically, this platform can be accessed at any time, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

How can you benefit from this platform?

This platform offers an active database that comprises a large number of SME companies. Their profile includes information on their business priorities, projects and potential cooperation opportunities through their products or services.

This platform makes it easy for members to make a one-to-one appointment with related companies online. During the discussions, the platform will help build relationships related to supply and demand, cultural background and business motivation.

Why should you take advantage of this platform?


One of the flagship initiatives derived from strategic cooperation between relevant Ministries and Government Agencies to empower the SME companies to the next level.

Premium service to broaden the potential market based on the current capacity and capability of its members.

Active database that comprises of local and international MNCs, GLCs, Hyper Market and Large Companies and also SME companies with highly competitive SMEs.

Professional assistance by dedicated officers around the clock.